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Tecumseh Historical Museum

Who were the first settlers in Tecumseh? Why did business owners construct their buildings from brick after 1850? What ties does Tecumseh have with the Underground Railroad network? The Tecumseh Historical Museum is the best place to find answers to these questions and much more. Housed in the "Old Stone Church", a 1913 gothic style stone structure, the museum is a charming sentinel on the east end of Tecumseh’s downtown district.

The history of Tecumseh played a pivotal role the region - from being a crossroads for Native American tribes to being a critical stop for commerce and travel through the area.

Each visit sweeps you away to a time gone by with rotating exhibits of historic items that are sure to spark a memory of a special treasure at grandma’s house or a special day with grandpa. Each display conjures up a vision of the past that always brings a smile. The museum offers many educational events, planned to connect the past and present. An annual Veteran’s Day concert, workshops on genealogy, and guest appraisers all enhance your visit to the museum and Tecumseh.

There's so much to be discovered about our rich cultural history, and you're bound to find something new every time you visit.